Thursday, September 01, 2005

I finally had to do it.

I had to go to word verification, and may I just say, I hate it!!!

I had to after I saw that yesterday's post garnered more spam--some of it quite disgusting, too--than actual comments. At least Blogspot's seems to be more dyslexic-friendly than other word verification systems. I am dyscalculiate, a/k/a numeric-dyslexic; I find that I can't use many of them and therefore leave things unsaid.

Then again, a couple of people from my e-mail lists think I ought to do just that anyhow. Apparently my Jim Cantore fantasies were just plain wrong in light of the fact that people are recovering from a hurricane and I shouldn't be trivializing it, bitch, bitch, whine, whine. And another said my logo "exploits women", never mind that the woman in it posed for it of her own free will, had artistic input into the painting, and put it up for auction her own self...and never mind that I myself am a woman.

Y'all, I freely admit that I have sex on the brain a good deal of the time. L'Ailee says that's one of her favorite things about me. If you don't like it, go read something else.

It also seems that I don't care about unity in the LGBT community, because I dislike The Advocate (for rich white and uptight perfect Kinsey category sixes). Did you know that the Advocate's for everybody in our community, even "professional bisexual complainers" like me? Well, they sure have a funny way of showing it. If you really want to see their commitment to unity in action, just plug the word "bisexual" into their search engine.

Also, did you know I'm a racist because I think looters are scum? Let me just say for the record that I think it's perfectly okay for starving people to take food for themselves or their kids--hell, they're liquidating inventory that would otherwise go to waste. And I don't care whether someone is white or black or purple with green polka dots--if they are loading up a duffel bag with jewelry and pushing the fucking *counters* out of what is left of some hard-working business owner's store and rifling through what's left of some poor victim's *home*, I think they are SCUM. In fact, I may be flattering them, in that scum has a biological purpose!

*sighs* Now see what I've been driven to do by others' meanness. Bitch, bitch, whine, whine... :-)

Thanks for your actual-factual comment yesterday, RQM. We can be wrong together...

And thanks to everyone who leaves real comments. Even if you disagree with me, that's cool, as long as it's not just bitching me out for the sake of bitching me out.


kath said...

looters are scum... that is hardly racist.. looters come in a variety of skin tones..

(Spammers are also scum, and it makes me sick to see so many regular bloggers having to protect themselves from them.. )

I have been in a position .. many years ago.. where there were tims i had to steal food.. no fun, and I agree survival is one thng, loading up on new toasters and tv's is quite another..

I love a good strong opinionated woman ! :)
I am one, and i gave birth to one.. we have as much right to state our opinions ( and stating them colorfully is better yet) as the men..

good blog.. glad you posted to mine so I could find you and have a look..
hope your day is fabulous..

btw.. i love your logo!


Okay Cracker Girl...
If you can "freely admit it", so can I.


And you know what????
What we have on our brains ain't hurtin nobody, and if we decide to say/write it, so what.
Jeez Louise, grow the "F" up, get a life and then, SHUT THE "F" UP TOO.

sttropezbutler said...

Darling...without your perspective my life would not be nearly as bright.

Write on Woman!


Clandestine said...

i can't believe that people are so dumb - it's not like you are forcing them to read this for goodness sake!


BostonPobble said...

ooo! ooo! my turn! I think it's a pretty good thing that lust doesn't die down during distaster. We would have been wiped out as a species Centuries ago. And ooooooo....why does adniring the beauty of the female form and acknowleding that we are indeed sexual beings have to be Exploitive??? As this is one of my major (!!!) soapboxes, I'll stop here instead of actually blogging on your comments. But Preach It Woman!

jazzi said...

Saying that looters are scum is hardly a racist statement unless looters are their own race; if they aren't perhaps they should be.

As I watch the insanity and hear that rescue operations are being suspened because of gunman and that hospital conveys have been held up by armed men I am so saddened by what we have become?

As another from MBOL said, this is starting to sound a whole lot like Somalia and it scare the chit out of me.

As for the sex issue - who doesn't have sex on the brain. And, in a time of disaster and sadness it is our most primal urge that comes to the surface and allows us to feel something beside pain again.

Nancy said...

The hub thinks looters should be shot on sight. I think they should all be put into Hellhole prison, which is the Superdome!

Glad to see those poor people getting out. Not the looters, the good folks.

And the spammers, don't get me started. I don't like having the word verification on either, but I also, have not had a spammer since.

I like that you speak your mind Cracker! Keep it up!

scribble said...

I spoke my mind yesterday too.
The silence in responce is deafening.
I don't care. My blog is supposed to be just that, a space to vent anything I believe.

I would rather lose readers by being honest than gain them by kissing ass.

You go girl I am right
there with you.

Karen said...

sing it girl !

I love the way you can say what so many feel ! Don't ever stop !

and hey, most people do have sex on the brain !

it's a good thing ;)