Monday, October 10, 2005

The cutest hijab ever

I didn't think anything could make me smile this week, but I tutor this 16-year-old girl who manages to do it every week no matter what. She is Muslim, and has to wear hijab (a/k/a something on her head, like a scarf, to cover up her hair.)

My TutorGirl is remarkably creative when it comes to this requirement of her parents'. She pointed out that Muhammad said to cover up the hair and body, not to "wear a boring scarf all the time." This has meant a baseball cap or a red biker bandanna.

Today she came to my house in loose jeans, a sweatshirt, a red biker bandanna tied up close to her head...and a cowboy hat. She looked so cute! When I asked, she said her dad didn't like the cowboy hat and her mom laughed and was just happy that she was covering her hair in any shape, form, or fashion. She tried wearing the cowboy hat to school on Friday, but they made her take it off. They let her cover her head, but according to the principal, the cowboy hat was "an abuse of the privilege" and would get other kids who aren't obligated to wear something on their heads because of their religion wanting to wear cowboy hats, too.

According to one of her teachers, who is also a practicing Muslim, a cowboy hat isn't "good hijab" anyhow, even if all her hair *is* covered up.

According to me, it's awesome that she manages to approach her faith and culture with style, humor, and a sense of fun.

It's also really fitting, considering that I was introduced to her by L'Ailee. She is a graduate of TutorGirl's school, and is personally responsible for not one but three items mentioned in the school's current dress code. :-)


sttropezbutler said... always restore my faith in humanity.


Kelly said...

That is wonderful to hear of people who follow their faith, yet at the same time, make it there own. She is an inspiration.

BostonPobble said...

how great for her! and how amazing for a young woman to have that kind of confidence and spirit to stand for herself this way! glad something made you smile. I know weeks like that ~ and am always so grateful when something/someone comes along and shines a little smile on the situation. plenty of Pobble hugs and warm fuzzies your way.

Carie said...

lol thats so cute

dondon009 said...

How I admire that young lady!

How I love visiting this site!

scribble said...

Missing you around and about.
Or maybe it was me that was gone.
in any case.
I loved this entry.
The spirit of youth inspires.

SassyFemme said...

That sounds like one cool young lady. That's the kind of kid that you know will make the best of any situation, and will do well in life.

LOL that three items in the dress code are due to your wife! And to think, I thought my wife was the rebel child when she was young!

Blogzie said...

Yet another great, enjoyable and well written post.

But where are you?

Are you okay?

I worry....

Send me an email or a comment or something.

Loads of love.


Karen said...

just loved this one.
she makes it her own by being herself and still respecting the traditions too.