Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's official. I hate Jimmie Johnson.

Knowing that "my" driver (and Sex Amnesty Celebrity) is Tony Stewart would help a lot.

So would this account of today's Martinsville race.

One thing they don't mention is that late in the race, that asshat Jimmie Johnson actually seriously asked his teammate who was out in front, Jeff Gordon, to let him lead just one lap so he could collect five points for leading! (In the new Chase for the Championship format, only ten drivers have a chance to be champion. Johnson has that chance and Gordon doesn't this year.) Anyway, Gordon's team told him he may as well try to race and *earn* that place up front. I'm sure they did this because if they laughed and said "Go fuck yourself," they'd have been fined by NASCAR and the FCC.

Tony was just in rare form today. He came in second and really raced Gordon and Johnson hard--not bad at all. But Johnson's team was trash-talking his all weekend. Right before the race, Tony said, "Oh, it's like junior high. But if he wants a war, we'll give him one." With a calm voice and a big ol' smile on his face.

Yep. Definitely much more crush-worthy, and championship-worthy too, than Johnson could ever hope to be!

EDIT: There is an entire line of NASCAR crockpots, including a Tony Stewart one!!!! I am SO getting one, especially since the kitchen is really my turf.


ConnieJane said...

Oh dear, Cracker... I fear we must agree to disagree about Jimmie Johnson. Being a Jeff Gordon fan for years it's a natural for me to root for JJ too. I must officially, for the record, state that I hate the new "chase" system as much as I dislike Benny Parsons. But today's race at Martinsville was one of the best races since the '05 chase began. (The fact Jeff won again didn't hurt, especially since it was the anniversary of that horrible plane crash.)

The only drivers I have met face to face are Jeff Gordon, Bobby Labonte and Ashton Lewis, Jr. from the Busch series. ALL are incredibly interesting and courteous young men. Each polite and well spoken. Tony isn't my favorite (mostly because he's buddies with junior) but certainly likable. He can be a hot head for sure but seems to be handling his temper better of late.

A couple of years ago my husband and I were in Charlotte for a non-racing event and met a nice gal who has a company that sells custom parts to Cup teams. She dated Tony for a while and said he has a heart as good as gold and is a super nice guy.... only VERY competitive! Once they went to a go cart track on a date. They raced each other and she won. Apparently Tony paid for the track to stay open an additional three hours until he won again. I love that story. He's like a big kid and most certainly enjoys what he does for a living!

Karen said...

I had to follow the link and see it--
a Nascar crockpot !
too cool girlie !
now, I think it is only appropriate that the serving ladle be a pink flamingo and then you are all set !

BostonPobble said...

Texas Cracker v. Florida Cracker ~ My first thought when I saw your headline was "Jimmy? How can Anyone, especially a southerner hate someone who took the Cowboys to so many Super Bowls?????" Sorry. :( Had to laugh at myself as I continued to read the blog.

sttropezbutler said...


OK...As we know...I leave this territory to you and to conniejane!

Boston..I thought the same thing..but I do detest that Jimmy I was in agreement with Cracker till I read the post!

Ok, so I'm going to watch a few races and see if I get it. OK.


Go Astros!

Carie said...

I was cheering fot Tony as well...I am a Michael Waltrip fan though lol...I am not a fan of jimmie or Jeff though lol so my brother in-law called to rub it in that his guy won...

I met Tony stewart and he was pretty cool, he had all of us in the pits laughing, he was ina local race here and his pit was next to our friends...we did the autograph thing and was fun...

I thought it was a pretty good race, hated all the crap poor Mikey had to go through though :o( but theres always next time :o)

Kelly said...

I am totally with you on the Jimmy Johnson thing. To have to ask to lead is so immature, It makes me want to drive a car up is ass. Damn straight, earn it. SUCH A WHINER!!! Love Stewart and Newman!!!. For christmas I want to decals for my car window. One is "Im not tailgating, Im drafting" and the other is "Im not speeding, Im qualifing" HEHE, probably wouldnt get me out of a ticket though!!!

Carie said...

lol to the window decals...we just got one that says racecar spelled forward is racecar, racecar spelled backwards is racecar...racecar spelled upside down is oh shit lol...we are putting it on our race car ;o)

dondon009 said...

Damn... does anybody like HOCKEY?

Thanks anyway for the reminder! I have to go buy me a crock pot today.

scribble said...

just dropped in to say hi and happy halloween !

Blogzie said...

It's Monday, 10/31, so Happy Halloween!

Just checking in to see how you are and where you have been.

I hope the reason you are not around is because good things are happening!

Please let us know..