Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I don't really wanna talk, but I kinda do.

You ever get to feeling that way?

So I'm going to post a bunch of links that caught my fancy over the past couple of days, and maybe in an hour or so I'll feel up to posting about Samhain in Orlando.

Fans of Herbert Kornfeld, the gang-bangin' Accountz Reeceevable supervisor who occasionally contributes columns to the Onion, will be pleased to know that his employer, Midstate Office Supply, is now online. I like that they sell both the new three-hole punches that are good for actually punching holes in paper as well as the old-school ones that are basically only good for administering beatdowns to wack muthafuckas. ;-)

At, writer Krista Voda wonders if NYC can learn to embrace NASCAR. Uh-huh...soon as you stop making fun of us. I really am stuck between two worlds--I hate NYC-bashing Southern and Midwestern jerks as well as South-bashing NYC jerks. If you want a fight, a good way to do that is to accuse me of not only not getting NASCAR because of where I live (now), but accuse me of drinking precious coffee drinks ("triple-grande mocha-cinnamon soy latte, nonfat"?) Where's one of those old-school three-hole punches...?

Dyslexia might be genetic. As a dyscalculiate with dyslexics on one side of my family and dyscalculiates on the other, I am shocked, absolutely *shocked*...

You can watch that precious little panda baby Butterstick Tai Shan walk around for two minutes!!! Oh, that fuzzy round white butt, and those little stubby black legs!!!

But I would certainly not do this to see him up close and personal! No, if I gave a hummer for the right to see the little guy, I'd have to give it to a zookeeper, in exchange for the right to pet him (the panda baby, not the zookeeper.) Wonkette also thinks he'd make a better Supreme Court justice than Alito or Miers. Not that difficult a call, I admit...

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