Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Drunk in public, and other highlights from Samhain

This is how all the trouble started.

I sent this recipe from the Message Board of Love to my friends a few weeks back.

2 parts vodka
1 part vanilla vodka
1 part Godiva chocolate liqueur

Shake w/ ice, garnish w/ Kit Kat.

So my former coven had a LOT of money raised up and set aside for alcohol for their Samhain celebration. (Remember that Samhain is the New Year, after all!) They celebrated on Saturday night because it was easier on everyone's schedules. And after our rituals for our ancestors, the closure of the old year, and the expression of our hopes for the new, we partied like New Year's Eve. The tradition I implemented--dancing to CD mixes that prominently feature songs by dead artists--has been maintained. I had *five* of those Kit Kat Martinis. Two is usually my absolute upper limit for drinks. Not even my legendary metabolism could keep me from getting affected by that amount of alcohol. I am still being teased because for the first time ever, I had to be driven home.

How wonderful to see all my girls, though! And the boys, too! Three other former members of the Chemin Brigitte coven came home for this. Beltaine and Samhain, the opposite ends of the Wheel of the Year, were our "big" holidays. Weirdly enough, none of the other three have found a new coven or circle, either. There were new members, new friends, new solitary guests, and it was great to meet them, too. But they weren't who I came for, and I think they knew it, unfortunately.

I was in Orlando from late Friday night to Monday night. That's right, actual Halloween/Samhain night was when I flew home. So I missed out on seeing cute little kids in their costumes trick-or-treat. I'm seeing a lot of pictures, though. L'Ailee's word pictures of the kids who came to our house were vivid, too.

I went mall-hopping--can you believe that with all the shopping opportunities in NYC, I missed *malls*? I had breakfast with the Dorkfish, my sister in law, and friends. I got hooked up with free McDonald's at my former coven sister's location (she's a manager), and won free French fries! :-) The best was helping my brother rescue a litter of three-week-old kittens. Seven little darlings, all in shades of black, white, and orange, left motherless 'cause some asshole couldn't watch the road. They're doing great, incidentally.

It was all sort of a blur. I'm actually glad to be alone with my thoughts tonight.

I'll also be happy to have more time in Orlando for Winter Solstice (it won't be Christmas to me!).


Nancy said...

Sounds like you had quite a time! I have had those drinks, while wearing my tiara too! Love that you had a CD mix of dead artists, too funny. Glad you got home safely.

Blogzie said...

Well, ummm. gee, it sounds like you had a good time.

But did you?

It's always kinda bittersweet returning 'home' isn't it? I did the flight from Philadephia to Los Angeles many, many times in an eight year period and could never quite figure out in which direction it was that was actually 'home'.

Of course, I don't celebrate Christmas as the birth of you-know-who, for me it's just the 'holiday' season and I do love all of it. Some years I go full tilt and others are very quiet and subdued. I think this year is gonna be a full tilt blowout as the guestroom has been booked months in advance and I'm hosting the big day.

Just don't expect to see any nativity scenes.

The only scene will be the one I make trying to get dinner on the table.

So good to have you back!

I always miss you.


sttropezbutler said...

I'd still be drunk. Trust me on that one!

Welcome back...



Karen said...

ok. those drinks sound too good :)
dessert with a buzz LOL!
glad you had a good time.