Thursday, November 03, 2005

Things I won't do for love

Other people don't think there are similarities between Sinead O'Connor and Tony Stewart, except for the fact that they are both my celebrity crushes, but I do. Both of them have big, intense eyes, dark hair (or stubble), and really nice butts. (That combination is called "a guaranteed way to get Lilo's attention".) Both of them do their own thinking and say provocative things. (That's called "a guaranteed way to keep Lilo's attention.") Both of them get articles written about them that begin with something like this: "Nobody questions her/his talent, but her/his sanity is another matter..." Both of them are considered "controversial" and "emotional" in their respective fields, but also profoundly talented, with a lot of respect from their peers.

And both of them--or the people who work for them, whatever--expect me to celebrate my fandom in colors that are really, really, really unflattering to me! I have light olive skin, blondish-brown hair, and green eyes. I have to be careful about the colors I wear, or I look jaundiced.

So most of Tony's merchandise is bright orange, to match his car. I look like hell in bright orange.

And now Sinead has T-shirts. In bright red and olive green! Again, colors I look like hell in!!!!


Among all the other attributes I love about L'Ailee, she at least cares whether I feel good about the way I look and wouldn't ask me to wear colors that make me look awful. :-)

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Karen said...

I know what you mean about olive skin and the jaundiced look you get from certain colors....
I am stomping my feet in your honor !