Friday, November 04, 2005

"Gimme none of that straight talk, straight talk..."

Sorry--anyone else watch that movie "Straight Talk" with Dolly Parton? It's not that great, but it's a lot of fun anyway. I still love it when Dolly, who is pretending to be a psychologist, tells a woman to "tinkle or get off the potty."

There is now an actual radio show called "Straight Talk," but it's nowhere near that cool. It's Stephen and Irene Bennett's new project. All ex-gay and anti-gay talk, all the time! And the website alone is an ab-so-LUTE visual assault!

See what I mean here.

Blogzie posted about it yesterday. I can't believe I just now put that concept and some awesome strips from my favorite comic EVER, Pearls Before Swine, together in my head. (Click on 'em for a closer look. I like this format because you can do that and my formatting doesn't go all to shit as it would with full-sized strips.)

But Stephen, if you're reading, I dedicate these to Y-O-U-you! :-)

Those crocodiles just kill me! :-) So would Bennett, if I didn't have to take his supporters seriously.


Jaded&Opinionated said...

"uneducated, self absorbed buffoon" OMG that cracks me UP!!!!

And there are pearls, alright... but I think that some ex-gay televangelist wanna be is clutching them next to his little pink triangles.

Thanks...I needed the laugh!

Blogzie said...

Why yes!

I forgot that 'Straight Talk' was a movie.

Now that's way too funny.

Gee, someone needs to sue someone.

I'm off to email the screenwriter.

Love Ya!


Karen said...

ding ding ding---

and the winner of this weeks best post goes to:

Cracker Lilo !

applause applause !