Saturday, November 05, 2005

"Why won't that tension headache stuff work?"

"Probably because you didn't take it. It's here on the counter," L'Ailee told me.

Oh, Gawds, if I didn't hurt so bad, I'd feel stupid.

The city seemed particularly loud and obnoxious this afternoon.

I have had warm hands on my neck, back, and back of my head trying to loosen up all the knots, but y'all mustn't be jealous. It ain't love motivating her; it's being sick unto death of my whining and wanting me to cook some food.


dondon009 said...

You know damned well it's love!

I tend to forget taking my medications at times, but with me, its short term memory impairment, I think... although I certainly hope not because I have to do a med pass at work, so I hope it's just that I personally hate taking meds of any kind!

BTW... the pic is from the early 70's at a time when your mother was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her "bundle of joy!"

How I always love visiting this site!

Anonymous said...

"It's"? That's an unusal term of endearment

CrackerLilo said...

Welcome to the smartass.

I edited the post. :-)

My mom wasn't anxiously awaiting anything, Dondon. Just anxious, period. But I was a good baby, and so was my brother. Mom says she doesn't know if God was trying to make the first couple of years merciful for her to make up for the rest, or if we were playing a joke!

Blogzie said...

Big Bummer about the headache.

Are you feeling better?

Did you take your medication like a good girl?

Okay, then stop whining and cook us all a fabulous meal.

I'll bring dessert.

Oh and thanks for your sweet words on my my blog.


P.S. It's Picture Sunday!

sttropezbutler said...

Dollface...Don't care about the dinner...(sorry L'Ailee) do care that you are feeling better.

Thanks for the heads up re: KKK...

3000 folks turned up to protest 14 KKK!

Sadly it is unlikely we will prevail and stop this hideous amendment but it wasn't for lack of trying. It is really disheartening to yet again, ask my "pals" if they have voted and find that they are either not registered or haven't bothered.

And I am so down with you on the color have to be careful. Wouldn't it be nice if our "idols" called us for some imput!



Christine said...

Wow, that really sounds like stuff I do...

:) Nice to find your blog

Karen said...

I hope you are feeling better.
headaches suck the life out of you.
warm hands do help though :)