Monday, November 21, 2005


L'Ailee's mind and mine are, like, complementary to each other. (I can never remember which spelling to use--complement with an e or compliment with an i--when, so if you can and you think I got it wrong, kindly e-mail me the correction at :-)

Hey. Maybe I oughta see if that's actually an available domain. That or

Anyway! I was going to talk about how L'Ailee and I have very different tastes in everything, including music. I love hip-hop, and country, and a little bit of alternative rock (by which I do not mean whiny pink-faced pseudo-punks b&c-ing about how horrible it is to be a straight suburban white boy), and anything Sinead O'Connor sets her voice to. L'Ailee isn't particularly interested in singing. She likes it when she can't understand the words, because she can then treat the voice like another instrument. (That accounts for her liking opera.) She loves classical music, particularly Ravel and Tchaikovsky, and all things electronic. L'Ailee tells me I've made her home sound very different; this is part of what she's talking about.

We do purely love to work out together every morning, though, even if that means I'm belly-dancing and doing some light cardio while she punches, kicks, and flexes. We both prefer to work out to music, too. As you can imagine, this presents a challenge for me when I'm putting CD mixes together for us.

What made me think about all this is, I put in our latest workout CD for something upbeat to get me through the afternoon. This, not exactly in order, is where our minds and tastes meet:

"Galang" by M.I.A. (We both love her Arular CD to death.) "Right Right Now Now" by the Beastie Boys. "Strict Machine" by Goldfrapp. "Can't Get You Out of My Head," by Kylie Minogue. "She Wants to Move," by N.E.R.D. ("Her ass is a spaceship I want to ride"--now that's poetry, y'all!) "Feel Good, Inc." by the Gorillaz. "Cities in Dust" by Siouxie and the Banshees. And always and forever, "Bodyrock" by Moby.

As long as we can meet someplace, right?

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Blogzie said...

I'll have to check out some of the tunes you have listed here. I'm so behind in the music scene lately that I even let my subscriptions to both Rolling Stone and Spin lapse.

Me and the Ab-Fab went through the same thing with taste in music and we still do to some extent. He likes heavy classical, I like it light and fluffy bordering on New Age-y. He likes hard rock, I like alt-rock. And on and on and on.

But we like each other, so in the end, that is all that matters, no?