Thursday, November 17, 2005

Commitment's overrated.

I posted the following to the MessageBoard of Love last night, waiting for L'Ailee to get home from her work-late night. She was a little late, but going in a bus on black ice (cold and rainy weather), and without a hat! Oh, I hate worrying and waiting. I feel like sharing it because others might relate.

There's a joke in it--I always ask for a "smiling through tears" emoticon, because I'm always doing that. :'-)


You get used to living on your own and not having to tell anybody where you're going and feeling independent. Maybe you've got somebody special in your life, but they can come and go as they please, too, and you're both okay with it. Your only concern is whether they've found someone else.

Then you settle down with someone and commit to them, and you build your new life together, and the togetherness feels so good.

You don't think that you're going to worry about them traveling late at night alone in sleety rain in a big city, or that you won't be able to sleep alone again anymore, not ever.

You don't think that the worry is going to eat at your heart. You feel like your insides are as torn up as your bitten nails.

The only good things about it are that you get to know they feel just as concerned about you...and that they *do* come back. Really.

I need that smiling through tears emoticon again.

Nitters, y'all.


Christine said...

Ahhh yes. Thank you for sharing this.

nancy =) said...

lovely, that...incredible how you were able to relate it so that my gut was twitching as well...

thanks for the kind word at my blog...*hug* rightbackatcha

Jon-Marc said...

I absolutely relate. When Ric gets home late I can't sleep until he walks in the door. I cannot imagine sleeping alone ever again

SassyFemme said...

The waiting and the worrying is never "fun", but if that's the by-product of a loving relationship, I'll take it anyday! Fran and I are rarely out alone after dark, and don't like for the other to be. If I'm doing a late night at work she makes me call her before I step out the door and stay on the phone until I'm in the car, with it started, and the doors locked.

sttropezbutler said...

Commitment's just another word for work. Good work indeed, but work nonetheless.

Not a bad thing mind you!

And it all pays off when everyone is safe and toasty!


Blogzie said...

My Ab-Fab hubby drives home from work every night at 1:00 am and I can't go night-night until I hear him walk in the door.

I think love and commitment is why God invented Ambien.


Did I say 'God'? Oh god...

Nancy said...

I know what you mean Cracker. When the hub leaves in the morning or when he is due home and I hear a siren, I am a nervous nellie until he walks in the door.

Pretty much like having children!

dondon009 said...

Beautifully said........ you are blessed~

Although I hate being alone..... I'm not certain that at this stage of my life I could handle all of it.

Maybe the right one just hasn't come along but then again, my family, co-workers and friends continue to remind me that my expectations are too high and that MR. RIGHT is not just going to come knocking at the door!