Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fun with male vanity

I'm now wondering what all you guys who read this are going to think, but oh well, I'm amused.

So once again, L'Ailee's best friend was over here playing chess. (Don't worry about whether we'll be able to "bond" properly when they played chess all night on Sunday and on Tuesday--we had physical reward challenges twice in between chess matches and I'm actually glad for the break. Anyway, he's going through some shit right now.) While they played and occasionally talked, I talked to the Dorkfish, my 24-year-old brother, on the phone.

Dorkfish is contemplating shaving his head.

"Oh, don't do it. You have nice hair," I told him. He does, too--blondish-brown, thick, and wavy.
"So did [L'Ailee]. She looked pretty with that long hair last year. But she shaved hers off."
"She's a woman; it'll grow back. You're a guy, and both our grandfathers went bald. You need to enjoy your hair while you can."
"Everybody says that! I'm only 24!"
"Well, you gotta be prepared; you will probably go bald."
"Hey! Take that back or something!"
I tapped on the desk and held the phone up close to it. "Hear that? I'm knocking on wood for you."
L'Ailee's friend, 34 with lots of blond hair to his shoulders, called out, "Do that for me, too!"

Gotta love male vanity...


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

That was hilarious!!


sttropezbutler said...

Need I mention that faux billionaire who really gives males a lovely name?