Friday, December 02, 2005

But y'all will sympathize, right?

At the MBOL, we're talking about the problems of looking young. These were my contributions. ("BC", incidentally, means "beloved consort.")

My 30-year-old BC was recently talked to by the truancy officer, too, and we both get carded for lottery tickets. (I'm 31.) And of course, people think they're funny when they ask me, "Are you even legal?" when I want a cocktail. And people here at my work used to think I was "one of the college girls," and treat me like one--ie, not good. (Which is one good reason for me to be Queen of the Interns--I saw what they're going through.)

Quotes from this week:

"Look, just because you graduated from college last year doesn't mean you know everything. This is the real world, sweetheart....Oh. Okay. You don't have to show me your license, I believe you. But damn, you really do look like one of the smartass college kids!"--to me, from a vendor.

"Of course the kids like you--you look like one of them, only if my daughter did that to her hair, I'd kill her."--to my BC, from a 14-year-old girl student's mommer.

Yep, the I-Got-Carded club is sometimes overrated.

The original poster and I are not getting the sympathy we deserve, alas.


BostonPobble said...

I got carded for smokes the other day (I'm 36.) When I started to laugh while I pulled out my wallet, the woman behind the counter started getting snippy about me laughing. Until she saw the birthday. Then she laughed too. I don't get it often any more but when I do I can't help but groan just a little. I figure we'll be grateful when we're 85!

Christine said...

Ha. Same for me too. People are always surprised when they find out my real age. I don't really care one way or the other, but I do understand what you're saying about not getting respect - especially from co-workers or students (I teach sometimes) who think I just graduated a year ago...