Thursday, December 01, 2005

Little to say, but I'll share anyway.

First of all, thanks to everyone for reading that long-winded account of Thanksgiving chez Maman! :-)

I had a LOT to catch up on at work. Tony Stewart's in town for the NASCAR Nextel Cup championship banquet and promotional stuff, and I've been coming close to stalking him. My brother will be in town next week. We're putting up Solstice decorations tonight, and have hired a tall kid to help us out. (His pitch: "You two are kind of short; maybe I can help.") We watched the tree get lit up at Rockefeller Center.

And I saw this--the Shining, edited into a trailer for a warm, fuzzy family film! Absolutely hilarious if you are at all familiar with movies! :-)



dondon009 said...

First of all, I loved reading your Thanksgiving post.

Since I chose to spend the day alone I read every work, trying to re-capture events from my past holiday dinners with family.

Not always a pretty sight, but it was still nice to be surrounded by loved ones, as had seemed at the time.

As for Tony Stewart, since I know nothing about auto racing, I would probably prefer to stalk the tree at Rockefeller Center..... and just maybe get a quick glimpse at some of the boyz cruisin around!

How about a lesson on Solstice decorations?


nancy =) said...

first of all, i also read the thanksgiving was wonderful and i was longing for a family like yours...

the shining was HYSTERICAL!! thanks for posting that =)

and i too would appreciate the lesson on solstice decorations...


Blogzie said...

Hey Doll,

You are busy, but it sounds like a 'good' busy, so enjoy!