Thursday, December 29, 2005


My mom just reminded me of something.

When I was little, I wondered why guys didn't get diamonds when they were engaged. My mom said they just didn't, and I said, "That's so unfair!"

Ain't it weird how life works out?! :-)

PS--I've had a hard time getting into some of your blogs today. I'm not ignoring anybody!


scrappy rose said...

I always thought this was kind of weird, too... I always felt like the woman now had this sign that she was taken and the man didn't have to have one... that part seemed totally unfair, too.

sttropezbutler said...

The truth is revealed at last...

Why I never married.

Give my 3.5 carats and I'm yours!

Happy New Year!


BostonPobble said...

You're Back! You're Back! You're Back! *doing the pobble hop* Now I will actually Read your posts and comment. But first I had to say You're Back!

I n g e r said...

I'm still limp from your anniversary letter and the Panda pic. Can't think beyond them.

Peace and love in the new year, Cracker.

xo Inger

Nancy said...

If men got diamonds too, there wouldn't be enough to go around for the women. Or we would have to give up some of the better stones! NOT.

They get to stand up to pee, pee in a bottle, off a boat, anywhere they want. We get the diamonds. Seems fair! LOL