Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pandas can fix EVERYTHING!

I don’t really want to talk too much about the holidays. It was good, we survived, we came back. Every year, my family gets more and more understanding. We celebrated our first Festivus with my brother and the oldest cousins. Guess who *shone* during the Feats of Strength?!?!

But L’Ailee and her cousin (whom I will now nickname Bilbo, at his request) really became the stars of the show at Christmas, and they didn’t mean to. Well, one of my aunts started some crap by showing L’Ailee and Bilbo this US News article about evangelism in Siberia. “God’s moving through your homeland,” my aunt, who is one of the less-bearable ones, said.

“So is benzene,” L’Ailee replied, rudely but rightly.

A nicer aunt gave all four of the females among the Cousins our own pairs of ruby slippers. L’Ailee didn’t get the meaning of them. She and Bilbo never watched the Wizard of Oz! So my uncle played it for them. Like me back in the day, L’Ailee thought it was stupid that Dorothy wanted to go back to Kansas. But we wore our ruby slippers on the plane ride home.

It was a very panda Christmas! I am the adoptive mother of Tai Shan in DC three times over and of Su Lin in San Diego twice over. I do not, alas, have cuddling privileges! I also have a panda bank (from L’Ailee, who is tired of my leaving change all over the dresser—she also gave me Sleeping Beauty turquoise, which I have been lusting after), a panda purse, and panda-head slippers. People are, I guess, getting the impression that I like pandas!

But pandas can fix so much, which brings me to the series of links I wanted to post.

First of all, did you know that if you find Tai Shan and other baby critters irresistibly cute, your brain’s wired right, evolutionarily speaking? Yes, if you melt over this picture, you’re exhibiting a response that furthers the survival of your species!

I got that picture from a site called Pandafix. It’s not my blog, but it’s a new favorite! Baby pandas being cute! More baby pandas being cute! Grown-up pandas with crowns and cakes for their birthdays! Grown-up pandas “making shaky pudding,” as a Message Board of Love member put it! Really, it’s a guaranteed smile.

Now, if you want an example of someone who is NOT wired right, you can go over to K-Fed’s new site. No, the domain name is not “”. Kevin Federline wants to show us what he’s really about. He shows too much, in my opinion.

But giant pandas can even fix that! Or at least, Giant Panda, my new favorite hip-hop group, can. Give ‘em a listen here “Racist” is my favorite of the four tracks, but they are all quite awesome, and any one will undo any damage done to your brain by K-Fed or the Black-Eyed Peas' "My Humps."


sjobs said...

I love Pandas and remember going to the Zoo in DC just to see them....

Happy New Year.....


BostonPobble said...

One of my first posts talks about things I like and the first one is bears. Pandas are so great. :)