Thursday, December 22, 2005

Solstice miracles

First of all, we learned that L'Ailee's aunt and grandma had sense enough to leave before the benzene slick came to their town. TTG! (Glad you liked that, Boston Pobble. :-) L'Ailee is still sad for her native land, of course, but at least her relatives' fate is a worry off her mind.

They are staying with another of her aunts in another part of Siberia. This aunt sent L'Ailee's huge, international, extended family diaspora an e-mail. L'Ailee translated for me. That whole family is so stoic! Apparently hair going from straight to curly is another family thing, because the aunt took the time to explain that to L'Ailee after a long description of the troubles they're facing in Eastern Siberia. We think it's so cute that she put in that postscript. We are so relieved. An hour before she got that e-mail, L'Ailee was crying--like a dam burst inside her--because she watched me wash dishes, and thought I should have a dishwasher (what a sweetie), and remembered that some of her relatives couldn't even do hand-wash.

Another worry off our minds is, the strikers are going back to work!!!

Last night, I saw something really beautiful. Did I mention yesterday that our night janitors couldn't make it in last night? So we had memos in all the building's companies saying basically "Please don't go out of your way to make a mess."

Well, our building supervisor wanted to hire the janitors a town car to get them in last night. They needed the hours this time of year, and we needed their services. But all that was available were high-end stretch limos.

He decided to hire two for last night!

So imagine the scene as we left! Two stretch limos comin' in, and our starry-eyed janitors and night watchmen, in uniform, comin' out! Someone among us "day people" in our rumpled suits and dresses started clapping, and many of us took it up! One of the janitors blew kisses and waved--she was just eating it up. Actually, they all were.

I love how in a crisis, New Yorkers get it together and help each other when we can.

I am so proud to be one today.

And now that I'm proud to be here, I have to be *there* in Florida! On my way there tomorrow! :-)

It was dark, but the light's on its way back...


Jaded&Opinionated said...

Hopefully the strike will end soon... and those pandas are about the cutest thing ever! I hope L'Ailee is enjoying her ringlets as much as you seem to be...

And I was only talking about those who condemn Christians entirely, and consider Christmas to be a waste of time and energy. I was talking about those who are openly hostile to Christians and Christian holidays and in an effort to be funny, mock everyone who does practice that particular religion. I have respect for all religions. I don't believe that just because I am a Christian that all people must then adhere to the same beliefs. I don't think that your beliefs are any less valid than mine, they're just different....and different doesn't mean wrong, nor should it. I am just fed up with all the Christian/Christmas bashing and the attempt to turn every little thing into a political debate. You didn't cross my mind for even a second as one of the people who have pissed me off, and I apologize if you thought I was referring to you in any way.

Have a really wonderful holiday celebration, no matter how you choose to celebrate!! Have a safe trip.


BostonPobble said...

TTG ;) about everything in this post! And I love that your building supe recognized that the janitorial staff needed the hours and the tenants needed the janitorial staff more than he needed the money it cost to get them there ~ and in Style!

Safe Home.

nancy =) said...

what a great post, cracker..i so loved the limo story...i'm happy for all nyers that the strike is over...

wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!!


~ n