Thursday, December 22, 2005

A couple of very cool things before I go.

First of all, if you want anything in the world but Christmas music, do this.

Go to Plug in the name of any song or artist you like. They'll find you similar music! I've already discovered a new band I love, an underground hip-hop outfit called Giant Panda (I KNOW! How AWESOME!), through it.

Then meditate on this comment at one of my gay marriage debate lists.

Someone had posted this anti-gay-marriage article by one David Orland. It begins:

If you've ever tried to discuss gay unions with someone who supports them, you know how difficult this can be.

Replied a supporter:

Indeed. It's funny, isn't it, how tenacious people can be in response to your attempts to oppress them.

Almost a year, and I've been enjoying my marriage too much to fight for it sometimes. But I vow to be as tenacious as possible.


Nancy said...

Thanks for the tip on the website. Very cool. I love discovering new bands.

You stay tenacious Cracker!

Happy Holidays to you and L'Ailee....

biscuit said...

my eyes!!! my eyes!!!!
what a jackass!
just call me tenacious "B"!
Hope you are having a fabulous holiday!
peace, love and gay rights!

sttropezbutler said...

Bon Voyage dollface!

Been a joy reading about you and that wife of yours and hoping the New Year brings much happiness and joy to both of you!



Jan said...

Merry Christmas Cracker Lilo!!

Clandestine said...

Happy Holidays!!

I hope you're having a GREAT time!!

xoxo said...

Merry Christmas!

~~ Kimmy