Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nothin' heals a heart like country music.

I think I just needed to whine a little bit after seeing that e-mail. Wow, what a party-killer that was. At least I don't feel stupid as well as bummed out anymore.

Garth Brooks knows what he's talking about. I hummed this song to myself as I finally got ready to go to bed last night. It's overtly Christian and I'm overtly not, but I still felt it.

Unanswered Prayers

At breakfast, L'Ailee asked what was bothering me last night. Nothing gets past her. I told her. When she hugged me, I could honestly tell her I'm not bothered anymore, and I don't have to force it, either. He wasn't a completely bad person, you know? We loved each other for a bit, and we had fun. He deserves his, too, and I'm glad we both have what we really want.

Oh, and to answer a question--I'm "getting the brown out" of my hair this weekend, going for more of a strawberry blond color. I had planned it anyway--winter makes it look so dull! I just hope it doesn't all start breaking off, because while I haven't been bald since infancy, I don't think I'd look nearly as cute that way as L'Ailee does. And L'Ailee has a nice Louise Brooks wig that she likes to wear to things like the symphony, but she's trying to grow her hair out anyway. We'll see how long she can stand it before it drives her nuts.

Damn, a day that elicits squealing and a couple of tears has to be somewhat significant, right?


cats said...

i'm not exactly a country music fan, but the lyrics are right: you really do get what you most need and it sounds as though you were given the one who you most need.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

sometimes religious songs have a way of transcending all cultures. The words and the message are so uplifting. I agree with you on that.

alan said...

You must be the only other person on Earth besides me who remembers Louise Brooks at this point...nice to know I'm not alone!

A lot of days elicit a few tears at this point; I can't remember the last time I squealed...guess I need to work on that!

Glad you got a hug; sometimes that's the best cure for anything there is!

To a better tomorrow!