Thursday, March 16, 2006

How to make a patterned ceiling

Because people have asked, and now Lily from Consider the Boot did here.

L'Ailee actually found a very creative way to do it. She cut a cheap, spongy roller brush with an X-Acto knife, so it would leave two-inch teal (the paint looks lighter from far away) stripes onto our formerly silver-gray ceiling.

The next part is so cute, the way she and her best friend described it, I would only like it better had someone else been there with a video camera. L'Ailee is *little*--4'11", weight hovers around 95 pounds. She also still has the balance of a gymnast. Her best friend is male, and he is *big*. He's 6'4", a bit stocky, and muscular--she calls him one of her "big Russian bears." She sat on his shoulders with the paint brush, both of them wearing surgical scrubs (I started that in my circle; I like them for messy jobs) and scarves on their heads, as he slowly walked her back and forth. Tarps were everywhere. They took time out to re-dip the brush and to rest his back. They also learned how much cats love tarp. :-)

When he and some other friends came over to watch NASCAR last Sunday, he joked about how he spent an hour with his head between her legs, and nearly got his ass whupped.

Other than that, I got nothin'.


Christine said...

seriously, no video? ;)

You must be very loved, Lilo darlin'

Clandestine said...


how cute that they did all that work for you!

Trudy Booty Scooty said...

Crackers! How sweet and loving they are to do that for you!! Now that is a true sign of love! You're blessed.

Blogzie said...

Now that's how you paint a ceiling!

That's so funny.

I'll bet the 'How-To' video would be a best seller.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I agree, how fun that they did all that!

Zoe said...

What a way to paint a ceiling. Hmm, my friend Jack is about 6'3" and Nate is 6'7" and I need to paint my kitchen. The ideas are just flooding in.