Monday, March 27, 2006

Weirdness abounds.

There's sad weirdness. This weekend, Paul Dana, a rookie IRL driver, crashed during a practice session and died. He got tired of just covering motorsports. He died living his dream, and many of us never get that. But how sad anyway.

There's adorable weirdness. This morning, Tai Shan, a/k/a Butterstick, didn't want to leave the nice cool panda house at the National Zoo, even though his mommy Mei Xiang wanted the doors opened very badly. (As usual. She's as bad as a cat.) Tai was having too much fun with his tub and the "cub in the mirror." That clever little monster inverted the tub over himself, so only a bit of nose and paws showed, then quickly withdrew the nose and paws when he saw his mother! That's right--he was deliberately hiding under the tub!!! Mei Xiang's sensitive nose found him, though.

There's hilarious weirdness. Jeff Gordon shoved Matt Kenseth after Bristol, for spinning him out. Like the wuss he is, Gordon kept his helmet on! As one of our friends hollered, "NERD FIGHT!"

There's heartwarming weirdness. L'Ailee and I met a two-woman couple who have been together for 55 years when we went out to eat Saturday night! We ended up talking. I won't complain about not getting married anyplace familiar anymore. (Okay, I will, but I do know things can be and have been so much harder.)

And then there's my ladylike L'Ailee, who said something almost completely out of character and got in trouble for it. She's almost the only woman in Brooklyn who doesn't use "the F-word," okay? And living with her has diminished my usage of it, too. We've met Lubavitcher Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses who cuss more and are generally cruder than she is. So this Friday, a 12-year-old in her tween-age gils' gymnastics class landed hard and I mean *hard* on the balance beam, getting hit *right* between her legs. It may not hurt on a female as badly as it would on a male, but of course the poor thing hurt some. So when she asked L'Ailee if she'd be okay, my darling wife replied, "Oh, you'll be fine, but your children will probably be born with splinters." For some reason, the kid's mother was offended, and wanted to "talk." L'Ailee told me later that I need to stop influencing her. :-)


Zoe said...

Your girl has some quick witt, I love it. Too bad about the timing of the comment though.

Just because our struggles are not as great as those who paved the way for us doen't make them any less painful or significant. said...

I shouldn't be laughing, but that comment was priceless. It should be a mastercard commercial.

Years training for the olympics (insert dollar amount here)
Something else witty here
Having your children born with splinters from crashing on the balance beam ... priceless LOL

alan said...

One of those things we're supposed to think but not say I guess...but it was SO funny!


sttropezbutler said...


Third times a charm? This will be the third time I've tried to comment. The first two times I went from this page to a page that says this blog can not be found...but I'm here aren't I?

Things are weird.


Jaded&Opinionated said...

How lovely to meet that couple!

And someone should have told that mother to suck it up and deal. There was nothing offensive about the comment, and she was just trying to be a bitch! Sheesh...some people!


I loved "nerd fight".

I also loved the fundies are upset that the "s" work was broadcast during a race over the week end. Jeez, I hope this doesn't mean the end of nascar on tv.

Two women volunteers where I work have been together over fifty years. It warms my heart to see the love they show each other.

Splinters, LOL, no wonder you love that woman so much.


cats said...

tell her not to feel badly...a few weeks ago i told one of the kids in my confirmation class (of 11-13 yr olds) to put his ass back in his seat and some parents were horrified that a pastor would use the word ass.

BostonPobble said...

Sad weirdness ~ I thought about you when I read the article when it happened.

Adorable weirdness ~ yeah. That's too cute. That's possibly even cuter than Mr. Muffin. Possibly.

Hilarious weirdness ~ Nerd Fight. ROFL

Heartwarming weirdness ~ I'm encouraged by anyone who managed to stay together that long.

L'Ailee ~ oh, that's TOO GOOD. May I use that in a story one day? That's really, really good. And Boo on the mom who didn't think so.

Trudy Booty Scooty said...

Splinters! LMAO! Too funny!

She's a're a good influence on each other! I love that kind of wit.

dondon009 said...

OMG L'Ailee wins the award this week! How in the world did she come up with that one so fast?

I'm using it at work tomorrow....

As for Paul Dana, I also thought of you the minute I read that sad article..... but I also read that he loved driving and fully understood the dangers... he truly did live his dream.

My two lady friends in New Orleans have been together for over 50 years. I love sitting and talking to them.... they're so very different, yet compliment each other perfectly.