Monday, April 10, 2006

You can't waste a joke like this.

First of all, did y'all know that Tony Stewart's on a streak? Not a winning one, alas, though he did win last week and came in third this week. But he has led at least one lap in every race this season! The season's still young, but he's the only one to have made it this far doing that, and I think it's kind of cool.

Secondly, I know something my brother doesn't. Skinny little women can feel good, too. Especially when they have beautiful satiny-soft skin covering wiry muscle. I'm so glad L'Ailee and I both love the way the other one looks *and* feels.

We have had it brought home to us that things really are different for women with women sometimes. I have an appointment with a new gyno this week. One of her patients is...L'Ailee. I like to begin a relationship with a new doctor by knowing I have something in common with her, don't you?

Sorry, y'all, but you just can't waste a joke like that when the opportunity presents itself. No joke that I'm a touch nervous, though.

The other thing is that when a woman's with a man, she can duck into the bathroom to escape or conference with other women in a public place. Not us. If L'Ailee runs into the bathroom, I can run after her (whether she wants me to or not), and we can conference about what an assmonkey her friend's date is and whether we should go on to the club with the group afterwards, etc. We benefited from that this Saturday night.

Oh, and an ettiquette tip for all y'all--if there is a discussion on the risks versus rewards of alternative energy sources, and someone, such as your date's friend, brings up bats going into windmills, and that someone happens to have bats inked onto her own personal arm, it's probably best to assume that your interlocutor kinda likes bats and wouldn't consider, "Who cares about those ugly things?" an acceptable answer. You may, in fact, find out who does!


BostonPobble said...

Oh! Oh, no...the bats episode sounds like a story in and of itself.

SassyFemme said...

So I had to take a moment to figure out what you'd have in common with your new gyn. It was defintely an "oh my gosh" moment when I figured it out! Have I mentioned I really do have an innocent brain at times? :)

nancy =) said...

funny, funny stuff...all of it =)

i came here way earlier today craving some fresh cracker wisdom...and now i finally got my fix...thank you kindly =)


alan said...

That's a pretty high recommendation for a doctor!

I hadn't heard about bats and windmills...need to do some checking on that one; that would be sad no matter how you felt about bats! Off the top of my head, I can see the hum might draw them...


cats said...

i believe that when a woman finds the right ob-gyn they mate with them for life.

and i happen to like bats, but then i've ben called a bit batty at times, which might be why.