Friday, May 26, 2006

We know drama

Wow. Nobody brings the drama quite like my Orlando girrrls! My former coven sisters/forever good friends are always good for that.

One, call her Vivian Quietstorm, needs a whole new kidney. I have talked to her and her husband, recently and often; neither of them mentioned this insignificant and trivial little detail of their lives. I found out from yet another friend and then called Vivian to wring the details out of her. L'Ailee and I are willing to donate ourselves, if it comes to it. Her no-good assbag father beat her across the back when she was younger, that's why her kidneys are bad now! She's only 25! :'-(

Of course, L'Ailee can't. You can't play contact sports again. Her whole life is a contact sport. And there's so much recovery time. Looking it up, the idea scares me, but so does the idea of losing Vivian this early.

Oh Gods.

Another, call her Yemaya O'Reilly, is moving up here!!! To the suburbs of NYC!!!! She's going to be "auditioning"--that is, cooking a meal--for a few restaurants next week. She's been manager and co-chef for her dad's restaurant for years, and she bakes all the desserts. Now her partner's got a job up here, and Yemaya and her daughter are moving up here, too! Oh, I can't wait to see my little "niece". Oh, I can't wait to see Yemaya!!! We've gotten into so very much trouble together. We can only find some more up here. :-)

And a third, Callista Dantor, is blowing through here right before we go to France. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! She's decided she needs a break from academia and wants to have some fun. I'll oblige!

I started to get a bit homesick again--I think summer does it to me--and now home's coming to me. I'm going to have to come home, too, to see Vivian. I can think of much better reasons to come home. The last thing that brought me back to Orlando was my grandma's funeral. I don't like this trend one bit! We're missing Gay Days, we're missing the Daytona 500, and we were planning to miss Christmas there, too. But I try staying away from home, and home just *makes* me come back!

Well, this Memorial Day weekend will be all right. I'm taking my little TutorBoy to see Over the Hedge tonight. He'd rather see X-Men, but his mom said it was Over the Hedge or Akeelah and the Bee. He's going to a Fresh Air Fund camp this summer (I love that charity!), so I told him Over the Hedge would show him the kind of animals he's going to see, plus it looks funny. I'll also be seeing An Inconvenient Truth. Not my idea of summer escapist fare, but I think it needs seeing and publicizing anyway. I plan to surf and, once again, belly-dance in front of my instructor, my class, and our friends and family. I like my air-conditioning, but summer really brings out the kid in me, and Memorial Day starts the season off in this city. (It's almost always summer in Orlando and Daytona, you know.)

This WebMD article about Memorial Day pitfalls might be a helpful reminder!

The Christian Coalition and agree on something!

This is a horrendous story about so -called Christian so-called child-rearing experts whose techniques have led to child abuse. Absolutely depresing and sick-making.

Speaking of sick-making, Ann Coulter wants "manly" thugs to "take protestors out", and she don't mean to the prom.

Are mutants born or made, and should they be cured? X-Men as gay metaphor.

I promised Christine I would blog about this and spread the news. I don't know how to add to it, really--I just know it needs spreading, as much as lies get spread. Paul Cameron, a "researcher" who has been removed from the APA for his slander against LGBT people and faulty research methods, has been given an opportunity to promote a new set of homophobic myths by a reputable journal, Cambridge University Press' Journal of Behavioral Science. He claims that gay parents will make their kids gay, that it is contagious. He got his statistics not by interviewing, but by misusing three compilation books written by the grown children of gay parents, including Abigail Garner's Families Like Mine, which *deliberately* had a 50/50 representation of straight and second-generation gay writers. Take a look at Christine's and Abigail's posts. Wasn't there a commandment, about not lying?

Finally, I know I'm not the only one who needs more money. I also like seeing that I'm not the only Pagan who got herself mixed up with a cute atheist! :-) This Money Bottle spell charmed me, no pun intended. Maybe I can get that book published...


nonsequitur said...

Re: Ann Coulter...

“Patriotic Americans don’t have to become dangerous psychotics like liberals, but they could at least act like men.”

"Where are the skinheads when you need them?"


BostonPobble said...

My thoughts and energies are with your friends!