Friday, June 16, 2006

Handy around the house

Wow, what a busy week it's been! We're going to France the last week of the month, so we have to get ready and I have to do more than usual at work. Mona and JC are also the ones whose apartment we've been redoing, and they want it all set for their return. At least the structure was sound, so that didn't need improving.

I got a free subscription to House Beautiful magazine! That's what you get for cashing in those Coke rewards points. It's gotten around that I do all those stupid promotions, so people give me their caps with codes, too. It does add up if you're organized and don't forget about it. L'Ailee and I will read it together and get into lively discussions, and I think my friends will be keeping their caps to themselves now.

Some people's minds are just two sizes too small, you know? Someone asked me why we'd have a grill, if I'm a vegetarian and neither of us are men. Well, I wasn't aware that you needed one of them hangy-down things, to quote Earl Pitts, American, to use a barbecue. And who still thinks meat's the only thing you can put on a grill? Besides, L'Ailee's an omnivore. It's kind of frustrating.

I guess it's just as well that I don't have deep stuff on my mind. I've been too busy to really think, and that's okay. But I'll share some links anyhow.

Ideal Bite, "a sassier shade of green", is a wonderful, practical site for non-hippies who want to be kinder to the earth.

Holy moly, the Holy Land Experience, thanks to the Liberty (for Christian heterosexual conservatives) Counsel and Florida governor Jeb Bush, has won the right to avoid property taxes. Look for Biblical themes at Disney World now. In 2003, when I still lived in Orlando, I wrote up all kinds of suggestions for them.

Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Drew Carey discuss the importance of having a big deck. Maybe that's why my friend was confused.

And finally, two of my very favorite things have been combined--pandas and National Geographic!


Peterson Toscano said...

pandas and National Geographic--lucky dog! Enjoy and enjoy FRANCE. That should be super. Will you take photos that you will post??? Please!!!

dondon009 said...

France - how exciting! And here I thought New Orleans was a big deal.....

I hope you have a wonderful time and by all means, share some photos!

I have still not mastered the grill.... of course I've not mastered the stove either.... but the crock pot, how I love my crock pot! OH, and the microwave too.... now you might understand why I'm still single! I am domestically challenged, but trying.


puhpaul said...

Wow! Have fun in France.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I hope you have awesome time in France.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Have a safe and happy trip! Please take lots of pics and post a few when you get back. Remember to indulge yourself whenever possible. Drink lots of wine - eat lost of cheese and if you go swimming - remember the Atlantic can be pretty damn cold!

cats said...

ooooh france... i'm just going to pittsburgh.

and i loved your article about disney getting tax-exempt status.

Jan said...

Have a great trip.
Bring back all the interesting tid bits and pictures.

scribble said...

france? damn I am jealous.
Good for you!

the remodel sounds exciting too.
missed popping by, but have been busy/depressed/busy LOL
no annoying word verifications.