Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A waste of makeup

There were two hours' worth of work for me today, but I had to stay for eight hours anyhow.

L'Ailee was working late.

I think I saw a roach. Not a Florida-sized roach, but still. My kitchen's cleaner than that, damn it.

I'm tired of the heat.

I've got a combination Lexapro-and-sinus headache.

That aunt of mine who says we're not spiritual enough to understand her divorce sent me, my brother, and our mom a package. It contains a DVD for people who will be "left behind" when the Rapture takes up people like my aunt--and yes, y'all, she *believes*. It's by Jack Van Impe, this end-times obsessed minister who scared the crap out of me when I was little and has been predicting the end of the world for generations now. We're supposed to play it to understand what's going on and then convert so the Antichrist doesn't get us. L'Ailee suggested sending it back snapped in half. I'm going to treat her like she was already raptured for a while and ignore her. Missing the family Christmas and going surfing instead seems that much more tempting.

The Washington State Supreme Court upheld the state's Defense of Homophobic Bigotry...I mean, *Marriage*!--Act.

Some sick waste of carbon got caught by the police in China for trying to sell a poached panda pelt. From a *cub!* I cried. Literally had to run into the bathroom. Some other sick waste of carbon would have spent 30 K on such a thing!!! I don't want to understand that kind of mind. It's a very scary place, and I don't want to go!

An ex-gay who I once considered a friendly acquaintance when we both lived in Orlando, before he became a leader, was quoted as saying that "“I think their long-term goal is to portray themselves as equals, as people who are the same as heterosexuals, that their lifestyle is just as legitimate as heterosexuality.” I know what he became. It still sucks.

But there are good things, yes there are...

The Wolong Reserve has their first panda cub of the year. It was born to a panda who's escaped from the reserve and come back of her own free will!

The funniest resume ever. From the main character on a detective show called Psych, who had 57 jobs since high school. (Almost beats the record I racked up during my six years of food and retail in Orlando!) Highlights include, but are not limited to, "Conducted unofficial after-hours tour of Graceland for small group. Advised guests on appropriate dark clothing and security evasion techniques, including blending, ducking, and running."

The Happy Cow's Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants


The Fat Lady Sings said...

Ah sweetie - there are just awful people out there. I agree with what you said about a waste of carbon. When I was a kid - I used to dream I was a super-hero who could go throughout the world and wipe people like that away with a thought. I wish all the bigots would disappear too. I just can't wrap my mind around that kind of thinking.

As for Van Impe - I saw him on TV today along with some other idiot practically frothing at the mouth in expectation that everybody was going to die. He's an idiot. They're all idiots. People who think like that believe all of their sins are forgivable - but not the next guys. Hypocrisy wrapped up in fakery. 100 years ago Van Impe would have been selling snake oil and claiming it was Jesus’ tears!

CrackerLilo said...

All life forms contain carbon; "waste of carbon" is mine, my brother's, and our wives' worst insult.

alan said...

Waste of carbon is being added to my phrasology, if you don't mind!

I keep hoping someone who can truly command a national stage will stand up and "call them" on their bigotry...


BostonPobble said...

Growing up in Lynchburg, there were lots (and LOTS) of bumper stickers that read "In case of rapture, this car will be abandoned." I always wanted one that said "In case of rapture, can I have your car?"

And another reason I love you ~ for years I have used "waste of carbon" as my greatest, deepest insult.

Kelley Bell said...

Ditto on all of the above.

I always tell the rapture wranglers, that if I had to choose between their heaven and their hell, I would choose hell.

I simply could not bear to spend eternity sitting around in perfect bliss with nothing to challenge me!

There was a Startrek episode about that. Kirk went crazy after about two days of bliss.

He said that humans NEED challenges. They lose thier spirit if they are kept like pets with all their needs met.

I dont think ol Van Impe thinks about that kind of stuff much. Maybe we should kidnap him and make him attend a trekie convention! LOL

Live long and prosper dudettes!

cats said...

fyi, the rapture is not at all biblical! in fact, it is far from biblical and the left behind bs is not at all what jesus said. and i hate having to defend my faith against heresy like that... because that's what it is to me... heresy. cracker, what you believe as a pagan is more christian than what they believe.

Anonymous said...

Just take a deep breath and let all of other people's stupidy just pass over you.

puhpaul said...

I don't think they are a waste of carbon. After all, when the rapture comes and takes them away, their lifeless corpses will rot away and return the carbon and other elements back to the soil. Just keep that happy thought in mind. :-)


Anonymous said...

I live in Washington State and was absolutely disgusted by the courts decision! Our local newspaper had an article on the decision and you should have seen the comments! OMG! I don't think any article I've ever seen online here has had that much attention. The hatred that was espoused was appalling and I loved the folks who got on there and said "This is the first time I have ever said I'm ashamed to be a resident of...." Intolerance pisses me off more than I can explain. Grrrrrrr! I thought of you guys when I first heard the decision and just felt sick to my stomach. Peace.

Carie said...

just makes me sick someone would kill any animal just for their fur, paws, husks or things of the sort...especially babies, just seems so wrong...some people suck :o(

I have read where you watch the cute baby panda cam, theres this elephant sanctuary site I go to frequently to watch their elephant cam...its an amazing site...they recently faced a major trajedy and are still getting back to normal, but the elephants are "fre" roaming on 2500 acres...they are amazing to watch