Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I think I'm gonna be sick

"Sunny days seem to hurt the most."--Kenny Chesney, "Who You'd Be Today"

We've given up on working today, pretty much. Everyone went to the memorial service in the park. Many of my officemates are still there. I went to give my work husband and one of my other friends moral support; they had to leave, and so did I. We couldn't spend a second longer in that grief marinade. There was a teenage girl with a small boy who was clearly born right before or right after 9/11. That was when I cried. My brother and I are seven years apart; he was born a month before my father died.

I'm glad it's rainy today. Rain's good. If it was sunny again, I believe everyone would have just lost it.

I want Osama to keep talking so we can get him. NOW. L'Ailee is currently beating the hell out of one of her sparring partners, I think. She says she's "sick of crying, and I can't have any more of that." I'd want to send my wife over there after him, except of course intellectually I know better.

NewYorkSurf.com says we've got rideable waves today and tomorrow. I think I'm going to schedule a sickness, get Kanye's new CD, and just go. Everyone else is "sick", or sick, for some reason or another. I need water therapy.


alan said...

Sickening as well is the way that this tragic event and it's grief are used to control "the masses"!

May the surf be as wonderful as you are!


belledame222 said...

water therapy does sound really good right now...

yeah, i just don't have anything new to say, or feel, about the whole thing.

cats said...

i was pregnant with the silent prince when we were attacked. it was hard to reconcile the two.

if i have an element, it is water... so may the water bless you and bless you soon.

Barbara said...

I hear they've got satellites that can see the fleas on a dog but they can't find Osama? Huh? Gotta ask yourself, who benefits by not catching him?

Jaded said...

I've posted the same post 2 years in a row...about how I sat in the waiting room of the radiology place, watching the planes crash and 20 minutes later, I was hearing jadette's heart beating for the very first time. Very surreal...laughter though tears.

I hope your sickness helped you catch a few waves.