Monday, August 04, 2008

Not great, not horrible

Thanks to everyone who's responded already--what a surprise to come home to!

It is *not* a detached retina. Found this out *right* before I left work. He was told in the ER that it "could be" a detached retina, but he had to go to an opthamological surgeon to find out for sure. He was bound for the surgeon when he (and his wife, and our mother) started calling me. Like me, he tends to take the worst conclusion first. No, it was a retinal blood vessel exploding. It's left, like, a bubble of blood in his retina. He's getting it and the scarring it's left behind taken care of tomorrow. He's diabetic; this is related to the diabetes and his not taking good care of himself. It's not great, but it's not so horrible either, TTG. A friend of mine is diabetic. She had this done when she was my brother's age. (He's 26.)

The prayers aren't stopping. The tears did, though. I'll probably blog about other things tomorrow, but I feel like I just came out of a paint mixer today--shaken up then set down!


But hey, at least we're not spambots, right? Spambots don't cry and feel sick and sympathize and stuff. *shakes head*


BostonPobble said...


glad to hear it!

alan said...

Glad to go anywhere and find good news these days!

I've had steel removed from my eyes twice through the years; undercoating from a job I used to work in the assembly plant once; and somehow a piece of something fibrous that made the white of my eye swell around it in a reaction.

I have learned to wear safety glasses at odd times when there might be a chance, and my bifocals are safety lenses as well, just in case!

May everything continue to be good news for you and yours!

As you said, TTG!!!!