Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One is good, but two are better

I'm not talking about the Democratic National Convention, sorry.

I gotta show y'all this. One good thing about the National Zoo's panda lady Mei Xiang not having a cub is that she is once again allowed to play with her mate, Tian Tian. This is wonderful news for them both. Simba on 17th took some fantastic pictures that sort of invalidate that "pandas are solitary animals" nonsense we were taught in school. One panda is good, but two are better, just like kittens.

My mom is still wondering what's going on with her job, my brother is still going through laser surgery procedures for his diabetes-scarred eyes, and Russia is still being as big a bully as America under GWB. Plus that bitch Hurricane Fay caused flooding in Florida, and Gustav is heading for Louisiana, which really doesn't need it. However, L'Ailee and I solved at least one problem. We figured out how we're going to "re-marry"! We are doing this despite the fact that the wastes of carbon at MassResistance, an anti-gay group in Massachusetts, is gathering signatures for a referendum to reinstate the 1913 marriage law.

We are going to go in and out of Massachusetts on December 30th. That's as close as we can get to the anniversary of our first (legally invalidated by judges) wedding, December 31st, and still have a clerk's office open. We won't stay any longer than we have to--we may not even have a meal in Massachusetts. That's right, we're eloping. Several of our friends outside NYC can't afford to travel, and one doesn't want to leave her new babies with a babysitter. My 88-year-old great-aunt, who said she wanted to see it, is too frail to travel. That settled that. There were things we'd have enjoyed doing differently, but to be honest, we don't really want another wedding. We have too many fond memories of New Year's Eve 2004/2005. So we'll just wear something a bit prettier than usual and go get the legal loose ends tied up. We'll probably end up changing out of our winter travel clothes in the ladies' room at the clerk's office!

Links, links:

Excellent article on Tony Stewart in the new Rolling Stone magazine! I might have to start reading that magazine again. The article does nothing to kill my crush, but does answer the question, "Why is that boy still single?"

This Monday, a woman was thrown out of a Social Security office for wearing a T-shirt that said "".

I've been wasting much too much time at the Fundies Say the Darnedest Things website and forums lately.

Should You Tell Your Doctor You're Bi?

Don't Gross Out the World international dining etiquette quiz! Meant for kids, but fun and informative for American adults.

Finally, a respectful moment of silence for Del Martin, who died at age 87 today. She and Phyllis Lyon were pioneers in LGBT rights, and founded the first lesbian group with any real reach, Daughters of Bilitis. They were also among the first same-sex couples to get married. It's good that after 55 years, they could make it legal, just in the nick of time!


Carie said...

Panda Love, Panda Love...just can never get enough :)

Ken wants to get married, I don't want to...maybe we will elope, I just do not want a big thing, just jeans and a hoodie for me lol ;)

I saw some cute pictures of baby pandas the other day, I see why they are your favorite...

Read the new rules for the budshoot out, I hate them, they new way makes it so Tony can't be in it...all the new suspensions and fines...crazyness lol...thats why NASCAR is the best, you get major action, fighting, and come on the humor in it is great, Tony makes me laugh all the time...gotta love racing :)

Queers United said...

pandas are so cute, did you see this video?

alan said...

I know you are trying to keep it low key, but since it's the day after my birthday I'm going to consider your trip my birthday present this year...

Quite an interview with Tony! I can see old Dale doing exactly what Tony describes, lol!

I had always heard your dentist already knows, if you're a guy anyway...

I'm glad Del Martin got to be legal, but there should have never been a question about it!


CrackerLilo said...

Carie: I hope whatever y'all do makes you happy! I know I post pandas a lot, but to quote a poster at Cute Overload, "They're the court jesters of the animal kingdom." Glad I'm not burning you out.

And the Bud Shootout!!!! Oh, don't get me started!!! I have already sent out a bunch of e-mails. A lot of good drivers won't be in, and a lot of accidents-waiting-to-happen will. And what the hell is this with making the pole not counting?!?! I swear, if it weren't for Tony, it would be my contribution to the environment to give up on NASCAR.

Queers United: I love the panda sneeze! Baby pandas are so tiny, and their mothers are so big, that they need to be super-noisy to get noticed! Thanks for the pandic cuteness, and I hope you noticed the link about Del Martin.

Alan: I hope you get a better present than that! I think quite a few of the single NASCAR drivers live like Tony does, or at least they used to. And the dentist thing--ROTFL!

Deb said...

I have got to google the story. Why would she be thrown out for wearing a tshirt that says that

BostonPobble said...

Love the idea of the low-key-changing-in-the-ladies-room tying up the legalities idea. Just sorry I can't offer to be a witness.

Pandas make me happy.

MoonRaven said...

I'm just glad that Del Martin lived long enough to wed Phyllis Lyon. No one should have to wait 55 years to get married.

I was very pleased they finally overturned the 1913 law (originally set up to keep out-of-state interracial couples from marrying in MA); it's good that you'll be able to take advantage of this.

Barbara said...

I changed out my wedding dress in the ladies room of a train station for my first marriage. So slipping into the loo for a quick change doesn't seem a bit odd.

So glad though that you can make it legal though I still don't understand why the US is so backwards on this issue.

Casdok said...

That is wonderful Panda news!

Im going to goole the teeshirt story too!

Kim said...

Great links, Lilo.
And ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

sttropezbutler said...

I'm just saying HI!