Thursday, May 14, 2009

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

The hockey fans among you may already know this, but, um, the Pittsburgh Penguins won last night and advance to the Eastern Conference finals, just to let you know.

What an awesome team, what an awesome series! Technically, it wasn't an awesome Game Seven, but one thing I've learned in all my years of NASCAR fandom is to take a win however I can get it. It seemed like all the Penguins were taking their turn to score (except Evgeni Malkin, oddly enough, but he tried all night.) L'Ailee and I both applauded when Sidney Crosby took the Capitals' Brooks Laich's stick to his face, got up, checked to make sure he still had all his teeth, then almost immediately scored a second goal. Hell yeah! Tonight we find out whether Pavel Datsyuk can show up to the Red Wings/Ducks Game Seven in mind as well as in body. We'll TiVo My Name is Earl and the Office and find out who's next for the Pens tomorrow morning. is, in fact, another series, and then the Stanley Cup itself. It almost got easy to forget.

By the end of this weekend--hold me to it--I will be posting something that contains no references to hockey or racing (was that a cheer?) or even my life, really. I have a truly cool guest post coming up, from a perspective that you just don't see often enough--a bisexual male one. Hope y'all enjoy.

For now, I have a few links.

Imagine dealing with summer when you always wear a fur coat year-round. Tips for helping your cat(s) deal with summer.

The new Star Trek goes where everyone's gone before, at least politically.

Was Paul Newman bi? Did he have an affair with James Dean? Don't care if it's true or not, it's the thought that counts. *fans self*

Why atheists have better sex. ("Getting into your wife's favorite sport and sucking her into yours so you can have lots of winning sports team/driver sex" isn't listed as a reason. Still a good article, says a Pagan married to an atheist.)

Reality TV, and why Ritalin may not work.

Florida makes me proud of my roots again! Florida must now recognize other states' gay adoptions. Congratulations, Lara Embry and family. Thank you for standing up.

Finally, please go congratulate Jeremy at Good-As-You too!!!!!


Dr. Deb said...

They totally deserved the win.

BostonPobble said...

This may be the hottest thought EVER. And sorry but, no, I'm not talking about the Penguins.

CrackerLilo said...

@ Dr. Deb: Thanks! I hope the Islanders do way better next year.

@ Pobble: I think I know the thought of which you think, and I understand it's a barn-burner. ;-)

The Penguins are generally not hot, no. They are mostly unfortunate-looking. Grab 10 random NHL players and 10 random NASCAR drivers, and I am convinced that the drivers will always be the more attractive group by a wide margin. Crosby has possibilities, I'll admit--I have always liked stocky dark-haired guys, as you know well, and playing hurt makes my toes curl. But his face kills it. It's a perfectly cute face, but it reminds me that he needs, like, five more minutes in the oven before he's finished. I don't like feeling all icky and cougary, so I just appreciate the game play and celebrate the many, many Pens goals by sharing long kisses with my wife. That's just fine. :-)