Friday, May 15, 2009

Unhealthy Things

So the Pittsburgh Penguins will be taking on the Carolina Hurricanes for the Eastern Conference Finals. Anything's better than the boring Bruins, and I like seeing a Southern team go that far, but they are so going down. The scenario will be remarkably NASCAR-like, as brothers will be competing in Charlotte. (Jordan Staal of the Pens versus Eric Staal of the 'Canes.) This makes me wonder whether Jordan will do like Kyle Busch and put his big brother into the wall!

Also, the Detroit Red Wings get to advance to the Western Conference Finals by a late goal. L'Ailee pounded the couch and scared the cats when Dan Cleary scored. She asked me to display a picture of Cleary's reaction--which, I admit, was rather cute if one forgets that there is no "cute" in hockey--but she knows how to get her own damn blog if she wants things like that posted. I really wish she'd take me up on that one day.

Anyway, I've got a few more important things to talk about. Really truly. Swine flu's back. Three schools in NYC were closed over it. L'Ailee once again loses income from the after-school program which provides her second job. Once again, I am trying not to work myself into a state over it, but this does show you can't ever get too complacent.

Oh, and NYC health commissioner Dr. Thomas Frieden is everyone else's problem now. That's right, the man who never met a substance he didn't like the idea of banning...the man whose response to the bedbug infestation that nailed us and many other NYC residents last year was to support a ban on insect foggers which thankfully did not go soon to be director of the Centers for Disease Control. Yeah. Thank you, President Obama. Pay close attention to the news, y'all, 'cause something you want or need is on his long list of things we all need to be protected from, I guarantee it.

To put a nice fat cherry on top, there's an emergency response drill on Sunday. Guess why? At least we got a warning this time. I suppose us ignorant adult citizens who desperately need protection from ourselves should be grateful for that. *sighs*

Guest post tomorrow!!! Anyone regret wishing I'd update more frequently yet?

Links, links:

The Slavic Gay Pride March in Moscow will be exciting, in an ugly, dangerous, and horrible sort of way. There are threats of arrests and forced "conversion" attempts. As if I'm not already grateful enough L'Ailee and her two best friends are here and not there!

Today was Endangered Species Day! Did you know that? Me, neither. However, Pandas International chose today to launch their Pennies 4 Pandas fundraiser, specially designed to encourage participation by children. If you think I'm not telling the kids in my life about that, well, welcome to this blog!

The prom as a sacred rite of passage. I never went, but I do love finding sacred ritual all over the place.

Mark Morford's interesting take on the teen sexting panic. For a moment there, I forgot how good he could be when he's coherent.

Finally, a couple of great videos/songs about relationships. Jen Foster rebuts Katy Perry with "I Didn't Just Kiss Her". Then, please ignore the treacly tacked-on ending and enjoy the rest of Rodney Carrington's "If I'm the Only One"


Casdok said...

Enjoyed Mark Moreford! So will now go and click on all your other links :)

BostonPobble said...

I will ignore the comment about the Bruins and simply acknowledge the Pennies for Pandas is a great idea. ;)

CrackerLilo said...

@ Casdok: Glad you enjoyed that article--it's a perspective that hasn't been seen often enough. Hope you enjoy the rest.

@ Pobble: So that's why you didn't want to discuss the Pens, not the fact that they're all unfortunate-looking, kids, or both! Sorry. I don't go hometown, so I forget. If I did, I'd be saddled with either the Rangers (adopted town) or *shudders* the Tampa Bay Lightning (closest to place of origin). One day I'll actually spend a week or so in Pittsburgh. ;-)