Thursday, June 09, 2005

"If I used her as a practice dummy, *I* would be charged with a crime!"

The pictures are removed; that's some good news.

L'Ailee is still a little upset, but it's not just for herself. The idea that someone may have taken someone else's picture and posted it really upsets her. She herself is not very modest, but other people just aren't inclined to discuss what can be improved for the next class in the altogether, you know? There are signs all over about designated cell phone areas and not using digital cameras, but apparently that isn't enough for some people. It is going to be a struggle for them to be welcoming (even to people with shiny new camera-capable phones, and a lot of this gym's clients can definitely afford them) without being welcoming of this kind of behavior.

The gym retains a lawyer for just this kind of thing. The law firm is trying to track the person. L'Ailee's supervisor was playing Nancy Drew late into the night last night, so they already have a few possibilities. The time frame is no problem; it had to be done within the past six months, after L'Ailee accepted my wedding ring (it's in the pictures) and shaved her head again on New Year's Day. So it's very likely that this person is still in our gym, too. What sucks is that if we say anything in the locker room, it will cause such a panic. She and her co-workers are just being very observant for now. But they thought they were observant before. They also want to revise the cell phone policy somehow. There will be a meeting about it on Friday. L'Ailee feels doubly punished now. :-)

L'Ailee loves her own cameraphone and loves to send us pictures of everything from puppies to interesting clothes. She is loving it less now. She also is clearly less confident today; it's like the wind was just taken out of her sails.

She worries that her comfort with her own nudity encouraged this bitch; I don't think so. I think if that was a factor, she would have approached L'Ailee and asked her to pose for the site, given her an opportunity to say yes or no and have a little control, rather than sneaked around like this. What this is is the difference between a homeless person accepting a twenty from you and a homeless person mugging you for twenty dollars before you even had the opportunity to give it. There's a point where your willingness to give is no longer a factor, a line that another person can cross, and it was boldly stepped over.

Her male friend who discovered this last night dropped his subscription to the site that featured it "because obviously not all of their subjects are willing", and he was very solicitous and sweet. He called her last night when she got home. And then we just cuddled until we passed out.

All that said, she has some fantasies involving duct tape and just one savate class where the bitch can serve as her demonstration dummy. I don't blame her. Remember that part in Miss Congeniality where Benjamin Bratt advises Sandra Bullock to get information out of a pageant contestant the way she does out of him? Incredulously, she asks, "You want me to *beat* it out of her?" Nobody laughed harder than L'Ailee, unless it was the small and select circle of men who serve as her favorite sparring partners. I think she ought to treat this bitch just like she does those friends, but unfortunately, the NYPD doesn't see it that way.

Speaking of her guy friends, I feel very sorry for the next one who wants to give her a side hug or rub her head "for luck".


scribble said...

glad things are getting worked out and that the picture has been removed.
I am so proud of her for standing up and saying no more of this crap !

CrackerLilo said...

My L'Ailee has lots and lots and lots of practice at standing up. :-)

Blessed be!