Friday, August 26, 2005

He really *is* a Dorkfish

So Hurricane Katrina came through southeastern Florida and started kicking ass.

(----,----{@ for the dead and injured.)

Since my brother is in Orlando, and was in Katrina's sights, I fretted about him last night. He and Mrs. Dorkfish were both working. They were insanely busy.

I waited until this morning to call and ask how they were doing.

And I KNOW he was tired, but you know what he said?

"Why do people keep calling up and asking how I'm doing in this stupid hurricane?"

Um...because we care and want to know for sure that you're okay, you dorkfish?

Someone remind me that I should be grateful his biggest problem is people waking him up to ask if he's okay and he's still able to snip at me, please.


Qivan said...

Snippy siblings, sigh.....

Karen said...

in this case, a snippy brother is a blessing !