Thursday, August 25, 2005

New official Sinead website!

Well, it makes me happy. She took her official website down the last time she "retired", and now she has a new one.

Y'all can listen to songs from Throw Down Your Arms and see what she looks like from the front. (I particularly liked the turquoise tube top.) It's gonna be an awesome CD! It won't be like the "big band" experiment--she actually sounds right singing reggae!

Poor ol' Willie Nelson's gotta be cryin' tears in his beer. I love him too, but he most definitely should not be singing reggae.

And hell yeah, I subscribed to the mailing list!

EDITED: Two, two, TWO dates in NYC!!!!!! December 8th and December 9th!!!!! The Dorkfishes will probably want to come up here and stay with me, but that's just fine--it means I'm guaranteed to go with someone who is *not* my Winged One, who doesn't care for the reggae direction and was a little too happy to see that Sinead had gained a few pounds the last time she came up here.



SassyFemme said...

You know, I liked Sinead's music when it first came out, then I sort of lost track of her and stopped listening. I need to go take another listen. Glad you'll get to see her in Dec.!


I was wondering if you had ever heard the darling Sinead on a cd called "the glory of GERSHWIN"? She sings,MY MAN'S GONE NOW,and she is wonderful.