Saturday, January 09, 2010

New decade, same ol' bullet points

Once in a while, I just have to do this. Sorry. It's not gonna be the most enlightening thing you ever read, but there's some fun to be found.

* L'Ailee was so glad to have a vacation at the end of December, and I'm glad she got one, because she desperately needed it. Now she's slammed with work again. Being an instructor at a gym, she sees a lot of New Year's resolution traffic every January. She and other instructors take bets on how many of their new students will be leaving. For right now, I don't get to see much of her, unfortunately.

* This week at work was crazy-busy for me, and it will most likely get very slow next week. I prefer a nice, steady pace all over, but who doesn't? (And who gets that? Almost nobody!)

* I have a performance day with my belly-dancing class coming up on the 24th. This one makes me nervous. It'll be a smaller group than I've performed for before, but a very talented group of women, and I am at the shallow end of that talent pool. I talked my best friend Yemaya O'Reilly into taking up belly dancing at the gym when she moved up here--since she works nights, it's a terrific way for the two of us to see each other and catch up, plus we've been each other's favorite dancing partners since our late teens. She's gotten twice as good as I have in half the time.

My instructor said to choose songs we really love, since we'll be living with them a while, but I am barred from picking anything country this time, and Yemaya and I are both banned for life from picking anything by Sinead O'Connor. (Yemaya loves her as much as I do, which is an awful lot.) So it took us both a long time. We settled on "Galvanize" by the Chemical Brothers for our tandem performance, and my solo will be to the Revels' "Comanche". Now you know what's been blasting through my place all week.

* Portugal gets same-sex marriage. But New Jersey doesn't, though there might be a lawsuit coming. I think of a character in one of Louisa May Alcott's novels that is not Little Women getting upset because English women got the vote before American women: "America should be ahead in all good things!"

* No doubt most of you heard how Fox News' Brit Hume gave Tiger Woods unsolicited advice on air. Apparently if Tiger became Brit's kind of Christian, he'd never ever have another affair again ever, because that is how such noteworthy Christians as Ted Haggard and Mark Sanford roll. Sharing this message makes Brit a hero in some peoples' eyes. Barbara Hoetzu O'Brien,'s Buddhism guide, explains why he "doesn't know Buddhism from spinach." And Austin Cline from's atheism subsite explains to anyone who cares to listen why atheists in particular take offense at evangelism. Believe me, non-atheists can relate.

* If I had to learn about this, so do you. There is now such a thing as lipstick for a woman's lips that are *not* on her face. Not even kidding. NSFW, of course.

* Finally, Queers United offers *the* viral video of the year so far. It's a young year, true, but this will be extremely difficult to top. As tennis star Andy Roddick conducts an interview at an Australian nature preserve, a couple of female koalas get very natural right behind him. To quote a YouTube commenter--and I know, they usually aren't this good--"So, Andy...holy shit, koala sex!" I couldn't resist asking L'Ailee if she wanted to "do it koala-style," and she retorted, "I don't think you could stay in the tree."


Queers United said...

haha "koala style" well you two lovebirds have a very fun saturday LOL

bluzdude said...

The good thing about koala sex is that you both smell of eucalyptus when you're done.

CrackerLilo said...

Should've known that would be the part that would get everyone's attention!

I saw and smelled a candle with a strong eucalyptus note marketed as "sensual" recently and, herb-loving kitchen Witch that I am, thought, "They screwed that one up." Maybe I was wrong, and I should go buy it!

Jude said...

LMAO on bluzdude's comment. Great ending on the video too...Love All.

It's something how a country can get marriage yet a little state in ours can't. I was so disappointed in my home state.

And good luck with your belly dancing performance. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Seraph said...

From the copy on the My New Pink Button website:

"This is a concern with many women and more than you can even imagine, and a frequent question that Physicians are asked. Check out the blogs on the Internet."

Check out the blogs on the Internet!

BostonPobble said...

1. I love the thought of you belly-dancing to Chemical Brothers and Revel. Seriously love the thought. Feel free to post video. Pleeeeease? Okay, I know you won't but a girl can dream, right?

2. Don't get me started on SSM here in the States. *sigh*

3. Ah Brit...Such a lovely man. I have vague memories of liking him early in his career but I no longer remember why. Give me Brian Williams (for oh so many reasons) any day.

4. Am I kicked out of the sorority if I admit I have no idea what color my labia is/ever was? And since Lithus finds the whole thing amusing as well, I don't think I'll start worrying now.

5. More than the koala-couple, I was intrigued by the one watching. Apparently voyeurism exists in the Animal Kingdom right along with homosexuality.

Raven said...

Have fun with the belly dancing! I wish I had the body for it.

Portugal got same sex marriage? You know, this whole debate over same sex marriage is really starting to get to me. Just legalize it already. It's just ridiculous.

I can so relate to taking offense at evangelism. Nothing offends me more than a Christian who tries to convert me. Been there, done that, read the book and bought the tshirt. Never going back there again!

"I don't think you could stay in the tree."-that's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

Have a great day!